Gerudo Fortess ~ Isagon-j's Banner and Avatar Fortress~

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Gerudo Fortess ~ Isagon-j's Banner and Avatar Fortress~

Post by isagonj on Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:50 pm

~Welcome To IsagonJ's Star !~
**~(Welcome Friends)~**

Here, you can order banners and avatars for yourself.
these come in many different styles, so it does matter what 'mood' you put in your form. Now, for the rules~


~Use common sense!~

~Credit is not necessary but would be appreciated!~

~Put 'A Flying Dragon' in your post if you read the rules~

~If I have not delivered your request in a week, you may PM me to remind me.~

~I will change requests if you do not like them, but only once.~

Oh, and one more thing- I have a couple of Zelda-themed fonts, so if you want it on your banner or avatar, just tell me. Also, if there is a special font you want that is not on windows 7 already, give me a link to the site of which you found it and I'll download it.

Examples~ - happy mood - neutral mood - sad mood~

Look at my avatar for an example of the size of them.

*Facepalm* Sorry, I couldn't find any other names for the moods that actually fit.

Order forms:

Hello! Here is my form!


Banner or Avatar:




Text Font:



Thanks for coming!

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